Community Celebration 70th Anniversary of Human Rights

Monday, December 10, 6:00pm
Hosted by St Joseph Valley Project Jobs with Justice
56523 Eastvue Drive
Osceola, IN 46561
Community Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights 70 years ago, the United States along with the world, signed the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. We in our community have been celebrating these important rights and their relevance to our local community each year for the past 19 years. This year our planning committee has put together a true community celebration. We will celebrate with food and fun at UAW Local 5, beginning at 6PM. This year we selected Article 14 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as our theme; it declares all humans have the Right to Asylum. We chose this article because of the relevance to the asylum seekers at our southern borders, but to also emphasize the historical reason origins of the protection for people seeking asylum. You see, in 1939, the ship St. Louis sailed with its cargo of Jews from Germany who escaped the massacre perpetrated by Nazis now known as the Crystal Night. Those aboard the St. Louis declared asylum in the port of Cuba. These folks knew their fate if they were not granted asylum from Nazi Germany. In fact, 264 of the people who did not receive asylum were sent back to their deaths during the Holocaust. It was this and other atrocities of World War II which lead the world to come together to demand that these violations of human rights be stopped, and all rights of all human beings be honored by all the countries of the world in what became known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I for one reiterate the commitments of our country to these basic human rights, and denounce President Trump's violation of his duties to honor and protect the word of the United States and our honor by by observing our commitment to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. In solidarity Joe Carbone Executive Director St Joseph Valley Project Jobs with Justice
UAW Local 5 1426 S Main South Bend Indiana 46613
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