Love Knows No Borders - Longmont Lead with Love vigil

Saturday, December 15, 1:00pm
Hosted by Longmont Leads with Love
6th and Main
600 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80503
Family friendly non-silent vigil to witness to passers-by that Love Knows No Borders. We are a faith group who vigil for a more loving world each Saturday. This Saturday, we will express the intention of "Love Knows No Borders" in support of the rights of asylum-seekers, and immigrants in our own community. Bring signs, banners, flags, songs, art, etc. expressing your vision of welcome, a better city, a better America, a better world for all! This is a peaceful gathering. When approached by passers-by who are angry or abusive, please keep your cool. This is an exercise in compassionate listening and respect. Lead by example. Anyone who becomes violent in word or deed will be politely asked to leave.
Parking at 6th and Coffman, RTD stop nearby at Roosevelt Park.
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