Love Knows No Borders: Migrant Exodus Solidarity Action

Thursday, December 13, 8:30am to 5:30pm
Hosted by AFSC Iowa, Quad Cities Interfaith
4211 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312
Join us visiting Congressional offices in Iowa on Thursday, December 13th. Join us in solidarity! Comment on the facebook event if you can host an action in your area. Des Moines (Grassley & Ernst): 4:00pm - Federal Building 7th Floor Quad Cities: (Grassley, Ernst & Loebsack) - Contact Quad Cities Interfaith, Aaron Wagner (message us for details) Together we demand that the U.S. Government: 1. Respect the human right to migrate and seek asylum - People fleeing violence in Central America and elsewhere should be able to present themselves to immigration authorities to express their fears – not illegally turned away or criminalized for entering between ports of entry. 2. End border militarization: Deploying additional law enforcement, immigration enforcement agencies, or military personnel to the southern border – or giving additional spending authority to these agencies – endangers the rights of migrants and residents of border communities, wastes taxpayer dollars, and does nothing to make us safer. Listen to border communities; revitalize, don’t militarize their communities. 3. End immigrant detention and deportation and defund ICE and CBP- Tens of thousands of people are held each night in deadly and sometimes indefinite detention by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Hundreds of thousands are deported each year, separating families and destroying communities. As a step toward ending this abuse, we must defund ICE and CBP. Why now: Thousands of migrants from around the world have traversed Central America and through Mexico, fleeing untold violence and state-sponsored repression, hunger, and economic instability caused in part by U.S. foreign policy. As a safety precaution, many have traveled in large groups for mutual aid and support along dangerous migration routes Instead of responding with compassion, the Trump administration has deployed thousands of military troops to border communities, augmenting the presence of National Guard soldiers and paramilitary border enforcement agencies. In addition, President Trump signed an executive order limiting how a migrant can petition for asylum (now halted by the courts), demonstrating another example of this administration’s policy violence toward migrants. Join us, AFSC, and people of faith and action, as we embrace the call for prophetic witness and stand for the dignity and respect of border communities and those seeking refuge.
4:00pm - Des Moines (Grassley & Ernst): Federal Building 7th Floor TBA- Quad Cities: (Grassley, Ernst & Loebsack) - Contact Quad Cities Interfaith, Aaron Wagner (message us for details through Facebook)
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